[GRASS-dev] Unable to see v.edit tools description

Carlos Dávila cdavilam at jemila.jazztel.es
Thu Oct 18 10:31:21 EDT 2007

Martin Landa escribió:
> Hi,
> 2007/10/17, Carlos Dávila <cdavilam at jemila.jazztel.es>:
>> There's an entry in grassmods that describes tools that can be used in
>> v.edit in the form: tool1;Tool 1 description;tool2;Tool 2 description...
>> I have tried to see this information using the module, but I'm not able.
>> Can anyone tell how to display it?
> Not sure if I understand well your question. You mean?
> $ v.edit help
> ...
>      tool   Tool
>             options: create,add,delete,copy,move,flip,catadd,catdel,merge,
>                      break,snap,connect,vertexadd,vertexdel,vertexmove,zbulk,
>                      select
>              create: Create new (empty) vector map
>              add: Add new features to existing vector map
>              delete: Delete selected features from vector map
>              copy: Copy selected features
>              move: Move selected features in vector map
>              flip: Flip direction of selected vector lines
>              catadd: Set new categories to selected vector featurs for
> defined layer
>              catdel: Delete categories from selected vector features
> for defined layer
>              merge: Merge selected vector lines
>              break: Break (split) vector line into two separate lines
>              snap: Snap vector features in given threshold
>              connect: Connect two lines
>              vertexadd: Add new vertex to selected vector lines
>              vertexdel: Remove vertex from selected vector lines
>              vertexmove: Move vertex of selected vector lines
>              zbulk: Z bulk-labeling (automated assignment of z
> coordinate to vector lines)
>              select: Select lines and print their ID's
> ...
> Well in Tcl/Tk dialog I didn't find it, for wxPython GUI I will fix it...
Thanks Martin, that's what a needed.

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