[GRASS-dev] bug in v.surf.bspline?

Roberto Antolin roberto at geomatica.como.polimi.it
Fri Oct 19 10:45:47 EDT 2007

Hi Michael and all,
Sorry for the delay but I wasn't able to find what was wrong and then we 
had some big problems with our server.

Michael Barton escribió:
> It's completely flat. I just did another test. If I use a vector attribute
> column in layer 1, the entire interpolated map has a value of 0 for all
> cells. If I create a 3D vector with the same data and set layer=0 so that it
> uses z values, it works fine.
> So I guess it sounds like a bug.

You were right! I made some new tests with other datasets and now it is 
supposed to be fixed. It was an error when reading the categories for 
the chosen layer.


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