[GRASS-dev] grass raster in qgis

massimo di stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Mon Oct 22 11:18:12 EDT 2007


on osx
using the last qgis svn + grass cvs
qgis crash if i try to load any raster files.

i have the crash only when start qgis.app , open a grass mapset and  
load a raster file.

while calling qgis from the grass shall, all works fine.

runnig qgis from the bash shall, imnstead of double click on  
qgis.app, i've this log :

Raster Algebra: renderTest called!
error_routine (fatal = 1): Null values have not been initialized.  
G_gisinit() must be called first. Please advise GRASS developers of  
this error.


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