[GRASS-dev] OSX FFMPEG build instructions available

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Mon Oct 22 13:59:39 EDT 2007

I finally got back to FFMPEG on OSX.  It went fairly smooth this  
time.  I added build instructions to the GRASS OSX readme.  My future  
OSX builds will now have ffmpeg support, yay!

Question: what is the minimum needed in the ffmpeg libraries for  
GRASS?  I'm thinking of disabling codecs and formats that GRASS can't  
use to reduce the library size (a basic universal build without debug  
symbols added ~6.5MB to libgrass_ogsf!).  Or can GRASS use any codec  
available in ffmpeg?

William Kyngesburye <kyngchaos*at*kyngchaos*dot*com>

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