[GRASS-dev] cvs2svn questions

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 25 09:17:34 EDT 2007


there are a few questions listed here:

to address two of them:

1. remove deleted files in the Attic?

my suggestion would be keep them, unless they cause a big problem and waste huge amounts of space. Sometimes there is interesting stuff there or history as to why it changed.
Also, is it possible to check out older versions of the code from before the file was moved there if you delete the attic??

2. creation grass7 repo.

the suggestion in the wiki page is to run cvs2svn for grass6 twice.
why not copy it after? svn must have a way to clone a new repo from an old one.   (but whatever is easier & cleaner)

How will we port changes between the GRASS 6.4 and GRASS 7 repositories?
When GRASS 7 opens is new development for GRASS 6 closed? (if two separate repos changes must be done in two place or abandoned in GRASS 6)
Are we planning that 6.4 will be the end of the 6.x line? Any reason for that not to be the case?


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