[GRASS-dev] v.distance to_along, to angle [was: commercial use of GRASS in Australia]

Maciej Sieczka tutey at o2.pl
Thu Oct 25 22:18:51 EDT 2007


> Regardless, it would be nice to fix 'v.distance upload=dist,to_along'

Some time ago I asked on GRASS user ml about to_along and
to_angle in v.distance (see below), because I don't
understand how they work, and documenation is lacking here.
You seem to know more. If you can shed some light on this
please do, and I'll update docs.

Maciek wrote:
>> "to_angle: angle of linear feature in nearest point,
>> counterclockwise from positive x axis, in radians, which is
>> between -PI and PI inclusive"
>> Anybody knows what is "angle of linear feature in nearest
>> point" supposed to mean?
>> BTW - another thing I don't understand in v.distance is the
>> to_along option: "to_along: distance to the nearest point on
>> 'from' feature along linear feature". Anybody knows if the
>> "linear feature" is supposed to be present in vector "from"
>> or vector "to"?


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