[GRASS-dev] some backports to 6.3.0-CVS branch

Benjamin Ducke benjamin.ducke at ufg.uni-kiel.de
Fri Oct 26 05:15:58 EDT 2007

Glynn Clements wrote:
> The rule should be there in the Makefile:
> 	RTLINC = $(ARCH_INCDIR)/rtree
> ...	
> 	$(RTLINC)/%.h: %.h | $(RTLINC)
> 		$(INSTALL_DATA) $< $@

As indeed it is, but in my CVS copy (fresh checkout from 30 mins ago,
deleted the old copy completely),
the make rule for 'HEADERS' is in the wrong place!

It is on a line preceeding the 'lib' target, which means that
the latter can't find it.

It needs to be moved down a few lines in the Makefile, so that
it appears after the 'lib' target.

Also, as it stands the Makefile fails to copy rtree.h into

The same goes for card.h, index.h and split_q.h which should
end up in grass6/dist.$ARCH/include/grass/rtree/ but don't.

I ended up copying these manually.

In addition, a "make clean" in the lib/vector/ top level
directory results in a whole bunch of error messages
of the form:

rm -rf OBJ.i686-pc-mingw32
rm -f  *.tmp.html
if [ "" != "" ] ; then \
        for dir in  ; do \
                make -C $dir clean ; \
        done ; \
/bin/sh: -c: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `;'
/bin/sh: -c: line 1: `if [ "" != "" ] ; then  for dir in  ; do  make -C
$dir clean ;  done ;  fi'
make: [clean] Error 2 (ignored)

Could someone with a better understanding of the GRASS
Makefile syntax please look into these issues?



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