[GRASS-dev] Wingrass and TclTk

Benjamin Ducke benjamin.ducke at ufg.uni-kiel.de
Fri Oct 26 09:38:01 EDT 2007

Open source Tcl/Tk 8.4.15 from www.tcl.tk works fine in MSYS,
if configured to install in /usr/local (or whatever place except /usr).

This lets me run the GRASS start-up screen and gis.m just fine.
As expected, d.mon does not work (no X) and NVIZ just crashes badly.

So no need to ActiveTcl anymore, as far as I can tell.


Benjamin Ducke wrote:
> Adding to my message on Tcl/Tk and WinGRASS, there is a further
> problem I noticed -- maybe someone else is fighting with this, too.
> The 'wish' interpreter does not work on MSYS if you copy the
> executable int /usr/bin (which on my system translates to
> C:\msys\1.0\bin)!
> It runs just fine from /mingw/bin or /usr/local/bin.
> I thought my problem was the non-GPL version of Tcl/Tk, but
> this seems to be it!
> I'll try with the GPL libs again now, and report back later
> whether we still need ActiveTcl.
> Cheers,
> Benjamin
> Benjamin Ducke wrote:
>> One problem seems to be Tcl/Tk using the ActiveState license.
>> Currently, users need to download and install this individually as
>> it cannot be bundled and distributed by us.
>> Did anyone have any luck trying to compile against GPL'd Tcl/Tk?
>> For me, compilation works fine, but running GRASS from the MSYS
>> shell just gives me blank Tk windows without any GUI widgets.
>> Benjamin
>> Moritz Lennert wrote:
>>> Markus,
>>> Now that we seem to go to a more or less official release of a native
>>> windows port, I wanted to raise a question concerning our distributing
>>> external library binaries with the grass binaries.
>>> As they are all (?) GPL, it should not be any problem to distribute
>>> them, but I guess we need to include some more information about
>>> copyright/left, or ? Should I add a copyright file to the distribution
>>> which lists the information ? What would need to be in it ?
>>> Currently, there is README.extralibs which for each library contains the
>>> link to its homepage and an explanation of how it was compiled. Maybe
>>> that is enough ?
>>> Moritz
>>> On 25/10/07 20:00, Moritz Lennert wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> A windows binary of the current 6.3 Release Candidate 1 is now available
>>>> at the wingrass download site:
>>>> http://geog-pc40.ulb.ac.be/grass/wingrass/
>>>> File: grass63RC1.zip
>>>> As always, testers very welcome. Make sure to read the README for
>>>> installation, known issues and other information.
>>>> Moritz
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