[GRASS-dev] Re: contour

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 28 00:12:58 EDT 2007


A number of problems with r.los should be fixed in 6.3cvs now.

e.g. the patt_map masking map now treats NULL values as logical 0s, and areas
beyond max_dist are now set to NULL, not 0.0.

Also the help page and option descriptions are updated with clearer
explainations of things, and Markus added an example.

try it out, if bug-free we can backport it.

It is still horribly horribly slow once the region gets non-small. (>1000x1000)
Some time ago Paul suggested the best thing to do is to ditch r.los code and
rewrite it using a better method. r.cva has improvements, but there has been no
advance in getting that licensed as GPL (AFAIK), and as it based on r.los it is
still fundamentally never going to be usable for larger region settings.


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