[GRASS-dev] Wingrass and TclTk

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Tue Oct 30 12:32:47 EDT 2007

On 30/10/07 17:20, Benjamin Ducke wrote:
> Moritz Lennert wrote:
>> On 30/10/07 14:13, Benjamin Ducke wrote:
>>> The few remaining things on my list include:
>>> - fiddling with the system paths in grass63.bat is too difficult. Would
>>> be better if the user needed to set only one variable to where
>>> GRASS is installed and everything else gets figured out from there.
>>> Even better would be if grass63.bat could set the paths relative to
>>> its own position in the filesystem, so that the user does not need
>>> to edit it at all.
>> I'm not sure I understand this. I don't need to fiddle at all with
>> system paths in grass63.bat to get it to work. Could you explain what
>> exactly is the problem ?
> Well, there is a path to the shell,

I don't know how you could automate this...

In any case, we decided to deactivate the references to msys and its 
shell in grass63.bat since the idea is to create a windows port which is 
completely independent from *nix-like/*nix-emulation tools such as msys.

That means that for the time being you cannot use shell scripts unless 
you "activate" msys yourself.

> there is a path to grass63.bat,


> then you should add some directories so DLLs and EXEs will all be
> found (at least on my system), 

such as ?
All I need to add to my PATH variable is: c:\msys\bin and c:\msys\bin.

> some things are specified Win style,
> some Unix style ...

AFAIU, Windows understands both \ and / as path separator, so it 
shouldn't make a difference, but you are right that we should unify this 
if we can to avoid confusion.

>>> - I also find it annoying that gis.m starts up in the foreground
>>> and blocks command line input until you quit it.
>> Have you been able to get gis.m to run from cmd.exe ? I haven't and I
>> think we need a gis.m.bat.
> Yes, I have been doing some twisting with "start", "cmd.exe" and
> "exit /b" and all that other horrible stuff that Windows annoys you
> with. In the end, I got things mostly working. I'd like to smooth
> them out a bit tomorrow or on Thursday, then I will post my
> changes.

I haven't had the time to look into this (maybe a bit later today if I 
manage to finish the report I'm working on...), but as I said, I hope 
that creating a "simple" gis.m bat file should suffice.

>>> I can now confirm that NVIZ works fine with open source Tcl/Tk.
>> Great !
>> Could you give the details of which tcl/tk version, from where and how
>> you compiled it ? Do you have binaries we could distribute ?
> I downloaded from http://www.tcl.tk/. Current version is 8.4.16 and that
> works just fine. Compiles out-of-the-box under MSYS with no Makefile
> tweaking or whatever and works great.
> Sorry, but I need to prepare lectures for tomorrow now and it's a
> horrible lot of work. Can't get back to this for now ...

I understand. Thanks a lot for testing free tcl/tk. I'll try to find 
time myself for compiling it and then I can include it in the distribution.


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