[GRASS-dev] Wingrass and TclTk

Benjamin Ducke benjamin.ducke at ufg.uni-kiel.de
Tue Oct 30 12:20:32 EDT 2007

Moritz Lennert wrote:
> On 30/10/07 14:13, Benjamin Ducke wrote:
>> The few remaining things on my list include:
>> - fiddling with the system paths in grass63.bat is too difficult. Would
>> be better if the user needed to set only one variable to where
>> GRASS is installed and everything else gets figured out from there.
>> Even better would be if grass63.bat could set the paths relative to
>> its own position in the filesystem, so that the user does not need
>> to edit it at all.
> I'm not sure I understand this. I don't need to fiddle at all with
> system paths in grass63.bat to get it to work. Could you explain what
> exactly is the problem ?

Well, there is a path to the shell, there is a path to grass63.bat,
then you should add some directories so DLLs and EXEs will all be
found (at least on my system), some things are specified Win style,
some Unix style ...

>> - I also find it annoying that gis.m starts up in the foreground
>> and blocks command line input until you quit it.
> Have you been able to get gis.m to run from cmd.exe ? I haven't and I
> think we need a gis.m.bat.

Yes, I have been doing some twisting with "start", "cmd.exe" and
"exit /b" and all that other horrible stuff that Windows annoys you
with. In the end, I got things mostly working. I'd like to smooth
them out a bit tomorrow or on Thursday, then I will post my

>> I can now confirm that NVIZ works fine with open source Tcl/Tk.
> Great !
> Could you give the details of which tcl/tk version, from where and how
> you compiled it ? Do you have binaries we could distribute ?

I downloaded from http://www.tcl.tk/. Current version is 8.4.16 and that
works just fine. Compiles out-of-the-box under MSYS with no Makefile
tweaking or whatever and works great.

Sorry, but I need to prepare lectures for tomorrow now and it's a
horrible lot of work. Can't get back to this for now ...


> Moritz

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