[GRASS-dev] New Binary Package Project for winGRASS

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 07:59:34 EST 2008

Ciao Marco,

2008/3/1, Marco Pasetti <marco.pasetti at alice.it>:


>  2. since the new wxPython GUI still doesn't work on windows (for RC05, I'll
>  check on trunk in the next days), I think that we can avoid to include it in
>  the RC05 package as requirement; why tell the user to install Python and
>  wxPython if the new GUI doesn't work?

right now I am following your great installation guide, then I will
try to make wxGUI working on Windows too (basic features for now).
Without functional wxGUI doesn't make sense to require at least
wxPython, Python maybe because of SWIG interface.



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