[GRASS-dev] testing v.thematic.area

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Sun Mar 2 14:38:09 EST 2008

On 01/03/08 21:53, Michael Barton wrote:
> I just tested v.thematic.area and v.class. There still seems to be a 
> problem with the v.class breaks.
> I tried it with fields from Spearfish. I added a column named "area" 
> with the area of each field.
> d.thematic.area map=fields at PERMANENT column=area breaks='v.class -g 
> map=fields at PERMANENT column=area algo=int nbcla=5' 
> colors='blue,red,green,yellow,grey' bwidth=0 bcolor=black render=l

You need to use backticks (`) and not simple quotes (') around the 
v.class command.

> ...colors all fields with the 2nd color, whatever it is. But it will not 
> use the other colors.
> I notice that there is a lot of overlap in the information needed for 
> v.thematic,area and v.class. It would make this easier to use and much 
> easier to use in the GUI if we could simple pick algorithm and nbcla 
> within d.thematic.area instead of having to insert a v.class command 
> with duplicate info.

I had the feeling that the current scheme better respects the KISS 
principle and at the same time left the greatest flexibility. IMHO 
combining the two should be done either via a script, or via the GUI.

But if there is demand for adding an algorithm and a nbclasses option to 
d.thematic.area, then that shouldn't be too difficult.


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