[GRASS-dev] Re: GUI support for TclTk 8.5

William Kyngesburye woklist at kyngchaos.com
Sun Mar 9 13:36:52 EDT 2008

I can build an OSX GRASS app with TclTk 8.5 for others to test, and  
try it myself.

If we intend to support multiple versions of TclTk, it would be  
helpful to have a TCLTKVER variable in Platform.make for the  
configured major.minor version.

On Mar 8, 2008, at 9:06 AM, Michael Barton wrote:

>> IMO we should at least attempt to support Tcl/Tk 8.3 - 8.5.
>> For 8.3 there is just the one problem with v.digit, AFAIK.
>> For 8.5 it apparently mostly works, if it is just a few little issues
>> which are not so hard to fix, then we should try and solve them.
>> i.e. we should at least look into 8.5 problems, it is probably just  
>> 1-5
>> lines of code to be adjusted, and that's not a huge drain on
>> development resources.
> You are right that fixing issues is probably pretty simple. It's  
> figuring out what to fix that is time consuming. Right now, I'm  
> heavily overcommitted timewise. And on top of that, I'm using my  
> laptop (primary development box) for my GIS class and can't afford  
> to have GRASS broken for more than a couple days. So I have no  
> problem in theory, fixing the GUI for 8.5 if it doesn't involve NVIZ  
> internals or something like that, but won't have time to do much for  
> awhile.
> Michael

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