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#94: PROJ file sometimes not created with location
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 While we're talking about location creation, here's something that has
 come up a few times recently.

 A person makes a new location while importing a georeferenced file (e.g.,
 in r.in.gdal), or from a georeferenced file (i.e., from the startup

 The location creation happens without generating any errors and the file
 is imported fine. The user can see and manipulate the file in the created
 location without problem and even import additional files in the same
 reference system.

 The person goes to reproject it into another location and gets an error
 that there is no projection information for the file. On checking it turns
 out that there is no PROJ file in the location that was created from the
 initial georeferenced file.

 This only happens sporadically. My guess is that the georeferenced file is
 missing some information that g.proj (or gdal?) needs to create a PROJ

 It seems that we need one of the following solutions (in order of my
 personal preference):

 1) Go ahead and create a PROJ file with a warning to the user that it is
 generic and may need to be reviewed or revised. If there is enough
 information to create a valid location, there should be enough to create
 some kind of PROJ file IMHO.

 2) Make the location but give the user a warning that it is missing a PROJ
 file and that this will need to be created with g.proj prior to
 reprojecting anything from the location.

 3) Cause the location creation to fail with a message that there is not
 enough information in the georeferenced file to create a valid location
 and PROJ file.


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