[GRASS-dev] R: WinGRASS-6.3.0RC5 Self Installer

marco.pasetti at alice.it marco.pasetti at alice.it
Fri Mar 14 07:08:34 EDT 2008

Please, suggest me also the message to display.
Benjamin suggested as follows:
"WARNING: you are about to install GRASS into a directory that has spaces in either its name or the path of directories leading up to it. You may go ahead, but expect trouble and weird behaviour from GRASS modules. It is highly recommended to choose a simple installation path without spaces such as: C:\GRASS."



Da: Moritz Lennert [mailto:mlennert at club.worldonline.be]
Inviato: ven 14/03/2008 10.38
A: marco.pasetti at alice.it
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Oggetto: Re: WinGRASS-6.3.0RC5 Self Installer

On 14/03/08 10:25, marco.pasetti at alice.it wrote:
> Hi all,
> sorry for the late, I'm really drowning in workflows...
>  >I don't think this is an appropriate answer.
> I'm really afraid, I didn't want to give a "bad" answer! I apologise if
> I did something wrong!

No problem.
> This said, if you prefer to not have a *forced* installation, I'll
> prepare a *only warnings* one; just tell me what I have to do...

+1 for the "only warnings" version.


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