R: [GRASS-dev] WinGRASS-6.3.0RC5 Self Installer

Marco Pasetti marco.pasetti at alice.it
Sat Mar 15 10:40:27 EDT 2008


As I said in previous e-mails, in next weeks I'll have enough time to
compile and test grass_trunk, even if recent comments let me reflect on how
useful is all this work...


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Oggetto: Re: [GRASS-dev] WinGRASS-6.3.0RC5 Self Installer

On Sat, 15 Mar 2008, Marco Pasetti wrote:

> - No help pages from main help menu (no message displayed)

As I think I mentioned in an earlier e-mail, I suspect this is due to the
problem with the Windows _spawn* functions and arguments with spaces in
them. I managed to find the earlier patch to g.parser I proposed, but which
I am still not very sure about:

Maybe we could test if this removes the problem?


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