[GRASS-dev] r.watershed and swap memory

ivan marchesini marchesini at unipg.it
Tue Mar 18 05:32:14 EDT 2008

Dear Grass Users and Developers, sorry for cross posting but we hope the
argument can be of interest for all and we hope someone can give us a
solution to this problem..

We have this kind of problem:
* a large DEM (150000000 cells)
* an ordinary computer (2 GB ram)
* we must obtain the drainage map using r.watershed (without changing
resolution), because then we need to be able to calculate the upstream
basin for each cell (r.water.outlet).
* we have tried r.watershed straigth (but after few seconds a memory
allocation problem crashed the program)  
* we have tried the "-m" option but after 4 days of work it is still at
* giving up the last option, because it takes too long, we have
monitored the ram usage by means of "free -m" and we have seen that
r.watershed rapidly saturate the ram and then, after a little usage of
swap (20 mb) crashes..  so it seems that r.watershed doesn't use swap
memory... (and is then unuseful, as we did, to increase the swap
* we have tried to modify
"Swappiness" (http://www.gentoo.it/doc/memory.html#doc_chap5) but
without success... the error is still the same

so at this point:
* is adding ram to the computer the only solution?
* if yes, how can we estimate the ram to buy!
* can we obtain some better results compiling grass with option
* does someone solved a similar problem in some other way?

Thank you for your suggestions!!!
we hope really in your help

Luca & Ivan


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