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Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Thu Mar 20 03:27:03 EDT 2008

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> From: Robert Szczepanek <grass at szczepanek.pl>
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> Michael Barton wrote:
>>> First draft is on my web page
>>> http://www.szczepanek.pl/icons.grass/
>> The new display/erase/and zoom-back icons don't seem like they would
>> be as informative to a user (i.e., with the checkerboard pattern) as
>> to what they do.
>> Michael
> I agree with you Michael and I'am still looking for better symbols.
> Those two first icons will be difficult is we want to express them
> precisely.
> Is there significant difference for the user between >display< and  
> >redraw<?

There is in TclTk, but I think it is heading toward going away in  
wxPython (opinions Martin??)

> Second step for new icons:
> http://www.szczepanek.pl/icons.grass/index.php#2
> Please take a look at >layer< and symbols for general actions.

Here's my reaction. Basic idea of action icons as modifiers is very  

Add, delete, redraw, more options - great

New - I don't know. But I don't know what a good icon for "new" would  
be. "*" as a modifier may be as good as it gets. "+" on a "folder"?

Open, save - make sense. But open folder and disk icons have become  
very widely recognized.

Import, export - look like they mean "forward" and "back". What about  
arrow partly overlapping a folder? Arrowhead pointing towards folder  
and overlapping it (tail extending beyond the folder) for import and  
reverse for export? Something along those lines?

Previous, next - a little hard to see (maybe easier with color), but  
elegant and easy to understand.

Layers: Most GIS people (I think) tend to see maps and layers as  
rectangular so that the edge of the layer lines up with the edge of  
the screen. So the diamond is less easy to understand in the  
abstract. Perhaps color will make it obvious. If so, it is an elegant  
design. I'd go with the left one over the right one.

I really appreciate you doing this and that you are doing it with  
such careful thought as to usability and attractive design.


> Robert
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