[GRASS-dev] Current state of wxPython GUI

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Fri Mar 28 02:24:21 EDT 2008

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>>>  IndexError: list index out of range
>> should be also fixed in trunk now
> OK, that works now.
>>>  2. The GRASS init shell script now dumps this message twice to the
> console:
>>>  "To run a command as administrator (user "root"), use "sudo  
>>> <command>".
>>>  See "man sudo_root" for details."
>>>  I guess it attempts to run something with su privileges?
>> OK, I assume this is well-known 'sudo' behaviour issue on Ubuntu...
> I am only getting second thoughts that this means some important
> commands are not being run upon start-up on Ubuntu.
> Do you know which commands might cause these messages so I can look
> into it?


Thanks much for testing. AFAIK, there is nothing in the GUI that is  
run with su or sudo, and the wxPython GUI does not call any bash  
shell script commands. So this is an odd error.

I'm real tied up at the moment (at the Society for American  
Archaeology meetings and giving papers tomorrow), but hope to get a  
chance to get back to working on the GUI with Martin in the next  
month or so. I'll try to test for your error running i.group from the  
georectifier. Does the rest of it work OK?

Important: What versions of Python and wxPython are you using?

> Best,
> Benjamin
>> Martin

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