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Sat Mar 29 18:41:17 EDT 2008

#105: r.in.xyz: zscale parameter addition patch
  Reporter:  neteler      |       Owner:  hamish   
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  assigned 
  Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  6.4.0    
 Component:  default      |     Version:  svn-trunk
Resolution:               |    Keywords:           
Comment (by hamish):

 Don't worry, I don't mean to revert the -i flag, but I did want to make
 clear my design philosophy. If the input file is that badly broken then a
 million WARNINGs should be disincentive enough to discourage lazy abuse of
 the flag.

 FWIW, to chop off the last row of a file, use head with a negative index:
   head -n -1 filename.txt | r.in.xyz in=- out=foo ...


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