[GRASS-dev] wingrass on VISSTA and XP with two pythons

hmitaso at ncsu.edu hmitaso at ncsu.edu
Fri Aug 7 14:33:07 EDT 2009

the problem is that GRASS is picking up the python25 that is installed by
ArcGIS which lives on the same computer. Updating this ArcGIS python
install did not solve the problem, the dll is still missing the object
needed by GRASS. Checking env shows
PYTHONPATH=C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\bin

> Helena Mitasova wrote:
>> The error message says:
>> python.exe
>> the procedure entry point
>> ?PyWinObject_AsHABDLE@@YAHPAU_object@@PAPAX at Z
>> could not be located in the dynamic link library
>> pywintypes25.dll
>> when we searched for pywintypes25.dll we got
>> C:\GRASS6-6-SVN\extralib 112KB  1/11/2009
>> C:\WINDOWS\system32      100KB  9/22/2006
>> C:\Python25\Lib\site_packages\ 100KB 9/22/2006
>> C:\GRASS6-6-SVN\Python25\Lib   112KB 1/11/2009
>> so it looks like the C:\Python25\Lib\site_packages version
>> is different from the one used by GRASS I asssume that the
>> problem we have is that GRASS is looking into the wrong
>> pywintypes25.dll.
>> Is there a solution to this? So far it looks like removing
>> the second install of Python2.5 is not an option.
> what is the GRASS_PYTHON env variable set to before starting GRASS?

it was not there, so I set it as you suggested below (I think GRASS6
should be GRASS below), but it still gives the same error - probably for
reasons explained by Jurgen. I am not sure we can move it somewhere else
that may cause problems with ArcGIS.

I would hate to go back to the old TclTk but I may need to if we cannot
get both GRASS and ArcGIS live peacefully on the same machine.
Also in the latest release TclTk file browser mysteriously lists
the files first as
and then right after that
has anybody seen anything like that?


> set GRASS_PYTHON=C:\GRASS6-6-SVN\Python25\Lib
> ?
> does echo %GRASS_PYTHON% from the GRASS DOS prompt show the same?
> Hamish

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