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#731: Warming message after removing layer confusing
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 I am not sure this is a bug or I am just not following the logic of the
 message, but:

 suppose I have both in mapset 'climate' and 'climpred' a layer prec_8.
 When deleting the layer 'prec_8' from mapset 'climpred' I get the
 following message:

 Removing raster <prec_an>
 cell/prec_8' was found in more mapsets (also found in <climpred>)
 Using <prec_an at climate>

 For me this is confusing as it seems to tell that the layer prec_8 is
 deleted from the wrong mapset (which is not the case). If the message is
 correct, would it mean that after deleting the layer subsequent actions
 using layer prec_8 will take that layer from the mapset climate?? If so I
 would suggest to rewrite that message to something like:

 Another laye with the name prec_8 exists in mapset <climate>
 Removed prec_8 at climpred

 Such a message would be more in line with the (rather straightforward and
 clear) message one gets when using a layer in r.mapcalc while a layer with
 the same name exists in another mapset.


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