[GRASS-dev] gmath/gpde Patch for grass6.5 and grass7

Soeren Gebbert soerengebbert at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 27 15:00:19 EDT 2009

Hello Hamish,
i am sorry for the delay, i was very busy in the last days ...

2009/8/21 Hamish <hamish_b at yahoo.com>

> Hamish wrote:
> > by the way, I notice that we already ship the bwidget LGPL library
> >   trunk/lib/external/bwidget/
> >
> > That is for Tcl which is redundant for grass 7,
> actually that's used by tcl NVIZ so still in use. wx NVIZ is not yet
> to the point where it can replace the tcl version.
> (btw, we should rename visualization/nviz2/ to be wxNViz or something;
> the tcl version is already version 2.2)
> I added a new lib/external/README.license file to explain things.
> AFAICT the SUBMITTING file and RFCs do not require adjustment.

Ok, i will put ccmath into lib/external together with the lgpl.license file
and a README.
Additionally i need to modify the lib/Makefile to put the directory external
before the gmath library. But i think that is not a problem.

Best regards

> Hamish
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