[GRASS-dev] r.proj from GaussBoaga to UTM

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Sun Mar 1 14:24:24 EST 2009

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 8:56 AM, Christian Tiso
<christian.tiso at ing.unitn.it> wrote:
> Thank you markus, you're right, there's no datum definition:
> GRASS 6.3.0 (fassaGB):~ > g.proj -w
> PROJCS["Transverse Mercator",
>     GEOGCS["international",
>         DATUM["unknown",
>             SPHEROID["International_1924",6378388,297]],
>         PRIMEM["Greenwich",0],
>         UNIT["degree",0.0174532925199433]],
>     PROJECTION["Transverse_Mercator"],
>     PARAMETER["latitude_of_origin",0],
>     PARAMETER["central_meridian",9],
>     PARAMETER["scale_factor",0.9996],
>     PARAMETER["false_easting",1500000],
>     PARAMETER["false_northing",0],
>     UNIT["Meter",1]]
> but this is beacause I created a new location from the GUI start panel of
> GRASS by choosing the "EPSG code" button and selectiong the 3003 code which
> should be the one related to the GaussBoaga, Rome 1940 Monte Mario
> projections.
> Where am I wrong? It is not possible to create such a new location only by
> choosing the EPSG code?
> Thank you for helping me.

In GRASS 6.4 you are additionally asked for a datum selection.
I thought it was there also for 6.3...

Martin fixed it for wxPython 2 days ago, so also the LocationWizard
supports this.


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