[GRASS-dev] On ps3.map addon

E. Jorge Tizado ejtizado at ono.com
Wed Mar 4 11:21:15 EST 2009

Hi Hamish,

Very interesting pages. I try it.

On ps3.map, I rewriting all code because is very difficult to integrate some 
part of the new code with the old ps.map program structure. Except offset # 
coffset # and ref left|right of vlines, all features work well but it is 
necessary more test in different scales (yesterday modified geogrid to work 
in large scales but today dont work in little scales, oops).

The raster and mask core is full modified to permit background raster. The 
outline cats is simplied etc. The vectors use pointers and not the same 
structure to all types (easy maintain and to add new features) etc

With this conditions update ps.map in bite pieces is very difficult. 
I think is better don't touch the standard ps.map with this improvement and 
retain this custom ps.map as addons (this was the reason to change the name).
I can pointly change some part of ps.map as needed (for example the pattern 
fill is easy to improve in ps.map).

I send more news. Thanks for the pages. Any page with standard scalebars?


> Jorge wrote:
> > do anyone think that outside (of border) labels of grids is interesting
> > to implement? I rewriting this part in ps3.map and I can program it if
> > is of interest
> it would be amazing to implement some IHO standard borders by map scale:
> http://www.iho.shom.fr/publicat/free/files/INT2_Ed4.pdf
> http://www.iho.shom.fr/PUBLICATIONS/download.htm#M-4
> http://www.iho.shom.fr/PUBLICATIONS/Publications_E.htm
> or at least find some inspiration there.
> Hamish

E. Jorge Tizado
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