[GRASS-dev] Re: [GRASS-windows] windows qgis-grass: make grass build with vc or keep a separate qgis-grass mingw build?

G. Allegri giohappy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 19:13:23 EDT 2009

I try to summarize. Everybody wish to solve the grass and qgis-grass
windows build issue in the more feasable way. Two major streams are

 1 - do it inside osgeo4w, using the vc built libs and apps there
(from gdal to qgis). AFAIK there are problems with linking MinGW built
things and the MSVC ones (also Marco Pasetti experience says this). Is
it 'just' a problem of memory menagement, as Jef says? Does solving
this would permit to make grass vs rest-of-the-world linkage stable?

2 - do it outside osgeo4w, continuing to build grass, qgis, gdal, etc.
with MinGW

In the first case we have to decide if we prefer to use GNU make or
nmake. Both is too much? I understand that Windows developers work
mostly with vc, so maybe we could mantain officially a GNU system, and
let Windows developers mantain, eventually, a nmake build system?
Otherwise, having all the other things built with vc (ie Qgis), we
could take for granted that on Windows we build with vc (free,
express, edition hopefully!) and stop.

Can we follow a logical order in this discussion to try to reach a
common conclusion and, possibily, a shared roadmap for our windows

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