[GRASS-dev] Batch Processing in GRASS GIS

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Mon Mar 30 17:16:18 EDT 2009

2009/3/30 Sheeja Bhaskaran <vbsheejabhaskar at yahoo.com>:
> Sir,
> My project is based on batch processing in GRASS GIS.
> I have created new vector (points) from database table containing
> coordinates. After this, using v.to.rast converts the binary GRASS vector
> map layer into raster.Then surface interpolation is done using r.surf.idw
> successfully.The next step is to do batch processing and it is performed
> using these steps
> chmod u+x $HOME/my_grassjob.sh
> export GRASS_BATCH_JOB=$HOME/my_grassjob.sh
> grass63 ~/grassdata/spearfish60/neteler/
> Problem is concurrent users cannot access it.

You need to use temporary mapset names (e.g., using the process
ID which is stored in the $$ variable).

> What to do for concurrent
> acccess and also where the result of batch processing displays and how we
> can view it.Also guide me how to set the time intervals in batch processing.

Then you need to copy the results to a target mapset. See
for details.


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