[GRASS-dev] Batch Processing in GRASS GIS

Sheeja Bhaskaran vbsheejabhaskar at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 30 00:22:30 EDT 2009



My project is
based on batch processing in GRASS GIS.
I have created
new vector (points) from database table containing  
coordinates. After this, using v.to.rast converts the binary GRASS
vector map layer into raster.Then surface interpolation
is done using r.surf..idw successfully.The next step is to do batch
processing and it is performed  using these steps
chmod u+x $HOME/my_grassjob.sh
export GRASS_BATCH_JOB=$HOME/my_grassjob.sh
grass63 ~/grassdata/spearfish60/neteler/
Problem is concurrent users cannot access it.What to do
for concurrent acccess and also where the result of batch processing
displays and how we can view it.Also guide me how to set the time
intervals in batch processing.
Please reply me as soon as

Thank you


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