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#790: update files
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 see http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/grass-dev/2009-October/046747.html

 I am thinking how to implement direct write access to OGR datasources
 from the user point of view. One approach would be to implement global
 flag '--u' for updating existing vector map (i.e. OGR datasource).

 v.out.ogr input=test dsn=. type=point -n
 v.external dsn=. layer=test output=test
 v.random out=test n=1000 --u

 this could work also for native format

 v.edit map=test tool=create
 v.random out=test n=1000 --u
 v.info test -t | grep points
 v.random out=test n=1000 --u
 v.info test -t | grep points

 Or to add new parameters 'dns/format' which would be used only for OGR
 format, not for the native one.

 v.random out=test n=1000 format=ESRI_Shapefile dns=.

 Any ideas?


 PS: Patch which implements '--u' flag (currently works only for vector
 maps: Vect_open_new() -> Vect_open_update()) available for testing.

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