[GRASS-dev] copying vectors in GRASS 7

Markus Metz markus.metz.giswork at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 23 04:46:24 EDT 2009

Michael Barton wrote:
> I just tried to copy a vector file from within GRASS 7. The file is 
> from a couple years back and uses a dbf data table. I got an odd error 
> message.
> g.copy vect=wind at baltic,wind
> Copy vector <wind at baltic> to current mapset as <wind>
> DBMI-SQLite driver error:
> Error in sqlite3_step():
> SQL logic error or missing database
> Unable to create index for table <wind>, key <ID>
> Any thoughts? I did compile GRASS 7 with sqlite.
Maybe it is necessary to rebuild topology for wind at baltic first before 
copying, because otherwise the database links can not be read because 
support files including dbln can not be opened. Maybe it is a good idea 
to let grass7 open and read database links even if other support files 
can not be opened (missing or unsupported version)?

Markus M

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