[GRASS-dev] nviz with reclass files

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 2 09:33:31 EDT 2009

Helena wrote:
> Reclass rasters should probably go away in future releases but they
> are from the times when disk space was valuable.

It still is valuable, say you have 50 reclass maps from one huge
raster... the disk space problem scales as datasets get larger.

> I will double check the original raster but it runs fine in GRASS63.

I can confirm it works in 6.3.0 but fails in latest 6.4.0svn and grass 7.

I would note in the 6.3.0 terminal output the "loading error" text:
Loading Data
building color table
loading error
recalculating normals...
D3/3: calling Togl_SwapBuffers...

so maybe the problem existed back then but just wasn't caught.



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