[GRASS-dev] see the picture in vdigit with wingrass

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 3 03:48:17 EDT 2009

Quentin wrote:
> >> i try to work grass with windows (wingrass). the version is
> >> grass6.3.

If you can manage to install a 6.4.0rc, many things may be fixed.

> >> I can see the picture but when I try to see the same
> >> picture in v.digit I have the white screen. i can see vector
> >> that i draw but not the pcture. i don't have error message.

> > maybe it is a zooming off-page / computational region problem?
> > try "g.region rast=picture1 at my_mapset" first

> i try this instruction but i have th e problem.
> when i try
> v.digit -n  map=name_of_vector bgcmd="picture1 at my_mapset"
> i have the white screen and

(bgcmd needs to have the d.rast part too, not just a map name)

> v.digit -n  map=name_of_vector bgcmd="d.rast picture1 at my_mapset"
> i hace the error message 
> d.rast picture1 at my_mapset is not a coorect instruction

are you running this from the GUI or from the command prompt?

In the tcltk gis.m GUI output window + [Run] box thing the command
needs to be quoted in Tcl style:

 v.digit -n  map=name_of_vector bgcmd={d.rast picture1 at my_mapset}

hope it helps,


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