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Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 02:31:31 EDT 2009


2009/9/4 Helena Mitasova <hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu>:
> I am wondering - is anybody updating the wxGUI help
> (or plans to do so in near future0?

I don't know such person.

> If not,  I be happy to do that (submit into grass65?)

Great, the wxGUI documentation needs to be definitely updated/improved.

> but it  would definitely need to be reviewed because I am not
> a GUI person and I am just learning it - which may a good thing
> for the manual development.

> - can we skip the silk icons? There are too many icons which makes
> the help confusing

Probably it would be enough to show only icons from default iconset
(i.e., grass2). Probably we could create separate manual page -
wxGUI.Iconthemes.html and list there all icons from available
iconthemes (grass, grass2, silk). Make sense to you?

> - It is not clear from the help that e.g. legend is under add overlays:
> text, legend, barscale
> - add raster does not seem to be correctly described (old stuff from tcltk?)

Yes, most of the text has been taken from tcltk GUI manual page.

> Also, Would it be possible to generate an image or formatted text showing
> the GUI tree for the raster, vector and other commands - no matter
> how logically you organize the commands there will be users with their
> own interpretations struggling to find modules. Currently, I recommend
> to type the command into Cmd and hit Enter, but one needs to know the
> command
> for that.

Agreed, should not be so much work to implement it (probably could be
reported as wish in trac).



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