[GRASS-dev] wxGUI Help

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 7 08:30:34 EDT 2009

Helena wrote:
> > would it be possible to make the GRASS65 manual available
> > on-line, something like this:
> > http://grass.osgeo.org/gdp/manuals.php

Markus wrote:
> It is already online but was just missing from that list.

does it really need to be linked?
IMO we really need to start focusing more on grass7 as the
"real" development branch and backport some useful things to
6.5 but try and put less emphasis on it. Currently development
is getting splintered and falling out of sync, not everything
relevant is being merged away from 6.5, ... I'm just concerned
that it will get worse as grass7 diverges.

> > Also, would it be possible to include the GUI tree
> > online as well?

I will include it in the module_synopsis.pdf +html once I can
find a few free moments to work on GRASS things.



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