[GRASS-dev] grass64 and grass7 development (was wxGUI Help)

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Tue Sep 8 05:14:33 EDT 2009

Il giorno lun, 07/09/2009 alle 12.29 -0400, Helena Mitasova ha scritto:

> that is my concern too - but I think rather than focusing on grass7
> we should freeze all new development, fix everything that needs to be  
> fixed,
> and release GRASS64 final and move on to grass7 after that is done,
> with only bug fixes allowed for grass6*

I cannot agree more: this is very important also for other programs,
most notably QGIS, that now ships with an unstable GRASS version.
Releasing grass64 seems a major issue to me
All the best.

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