[GRASS-dev] legends and scales

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 17 11:41:34 EDT 2009

> > or maybe at=5,50,2,5 is ok for all types.

> > just check how it looks for CELL maps,

> that very much depends how many classes you have -
> I have land use map with 6 classes where it works just fine and
> then another one (the official USGS land cover) that has 20+
> and for that it is certainly too small. I am not sure what the
> typical number of classes in cell map would be.
> Maybe others who work more with the CELL maps could provide
> more insight?

fundamentally it's undefined. You can use the thin=, lines=, and
use={DCELL} options to dial in as many categories as you like.

The d.rast.leg case is the one I am stuck finding a solution to; a long
list in a tall thin frame and you don't want the text falling off the
right edge of the display. It's in GRASS 7 so we can't just ignore it. :)

It would be easy enough to add a -b flag to trigger a "bigger" default
legend, but I'm sort of iffy about complicating the user interface any
more than it already is. There is lots of control built in but it all
starts to get a bit convoluted after a while. I kind of suspect that
as the author of most of its logic I'm the only one who fully understands
all of its tricks and subtleties (there are many); and I consider that
situation to be a deep flaw in the program. (I did try to explain most
of it in the help page, but...)



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