[GRASS-dev] backgrounding wxGUI, defaults for 6.x

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 22 00:38:48 EDT 2009


Is it possible to have g.gui detach the GUI from the terminal prompt?
That is typically what you'd want to happen. ^Z + bg are redundant
keystrokes / cumulatively lost moments. The man pages shouldn't have
to suggest to do "g.gui $GUI &".  g.gui isn't the program, it's just
the launcher.

I am trying 6.5 with default wx on Debian/Etch which has no wx2.8 in it.

"g.gui" fails cleanly enough with an error message that there is no wx,
but it feels sort of like a "what now?" situation.  ("g.gui --ui" isn't
exactly an obvious solution, maybe put that in the init.sh startup help)

at least the module GUIs are still tcl/tk so you can use them.

if we set the default wx now we are in practice making wxwidgets a
mandatory dependency for that release. (not technically, but it can
seem that way)

Probably wx2.8 has made it into most systems these days; I'm just
wondering how best to facilitate the fail-safe mode.


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