[GRASS-dev] backgrounding wxGUI, defaults for 6.x

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 22 11:27:39 EDT 2009

Hamish wrote:
> > Is it possible to have g.gui detach the GUI from the terminal prompt?

> Change g.gui to use G_spawn_ex() with SF_BACKGROUND.

excellent. please review r39283; AFAICT this is the first use of that
signal in the code.

After about 10 seconds of testing I discovered that it would be useful to
add a G_sleep(3) as well.

which then makes me wonder why it takes so long to start up, even
the second time in a row, when it should all still be cached, it is
seemingly not so fast on an otherwise fast computer.


svn/grass65$ find | grep '\.pyc$'

shouldn't wxgui.py byte-compile itself into wxgui.pyc the first time
it is run? (as this is portable and after installation the user might
not have permissions to write the file, so should a 'python wxgui.py
--test' or something be added to the Makefile to get the .pyc built/

see swig/python/README item #4.



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