[GRASS-dev] what's going on in r39326

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Wed Sep 30 05:50:15 EDT 2009

Hi Maris,

On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 9:59 AM, Maris Nartiss <maris.gis at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I was not expecting so much communication for such little change. I
> must blame my language sk33lz as I'm not able to explain what it does
> ;)
> First - Markus - only way how to really check wheither batch jobs are
> broken is to test that. Theoretically if You have set GRASS_BATCH_JOB
> env variable You should be just fine.

Well, I don't think that the concept could be to accept breakage of
existing things to fix another issue. In general, it should be task
of the person who makes the change to assure that functionality
close-by (same file) remains. At least as much as possible.

In any case, I'll test myself as well since the GRASS_BATCH_JOB
functionality is essential for my daily GIS work.


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