[GRASS-dev] what's going on in r39326

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 30 12:34:47 EDT 2009

no time for a full reply now but,

the .desktop and .menu are not entirely specific to Debian and
are provided as uninstalled templates as a convenience to the
source code user, if only for inspiration. If they were to be
added to the Makefiles they would be renamed *.in and have paths
filled in at build time.

Maris wrote:
> Consider following scenarios that now work correctly:
> Joe The Averageuser compiles GRASS on Slackware (good old
> times) and creates symlink on his Desktop to /usr/bin/grasXY

Joe as a slackware user should know better than to do that
with a terminal app.

> Jane The Poweruser uses KDE run quicklauncher to start
> grassXY (thus NOT using any .desktop files with proper
> terminal=required mumbo-jumbo).

Jane as a power-user should know that she has to tick the
"Terminal required" box in the quicklauncher setup. She
doesn't have to know about the internals of the quicklauncher

> Valid time users use valid approaches. If something works
> by accident, it shouldn't be considered a norm.

I don't really understand your meaning, but current GRASS 6.x
on MS-Windows without a terminal is no accident. It's the result
of a lot of hard work.

> > veering off-topic:
> > IMO it is a mistake to have shutting down the GUI try
> > to close down the terminal as well.

fwiw I wrote that before I noticed your latest commit, and was
speaking about automatic shutdown on exit, not user-chosen.

I don't want to tell folks what to work on, but as mentioned
in the nviz email, at some point we should stop adding new
features to the tcltk stuff and focus development in trunk on
wx things. [this one had been discussed in the ML and trackers,
and so was already in the pipeline so isn't exactly "new"]



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