[GRASS-dev] netbook and entering GRASS (wxpython gui + grass7svn)

Yann Chemin yann.chemin at gmail.com
Sat May 1 00:07:12 EDT 2010

Hello list,

when using GRASS (i.e. 7 svn of today) that is the wxPython GUI,
the initial dialog box to choose location/mapset/etc is higher than
the screen resolution.
Thus it is difficult to access the "ENTER GRASS" button.

The netbook I used is:
eeePC 1000H with Debian Linux, default resolution is 1024x600, the 600
height is the limiting factor here, since the button to enter in GRASS
is half way more than 600 and the remaining part of the button inside
600 is appearing under the KDE panel (have to enable auto-hide
function to see that half-button).

That does not happen with tcl/tk gui that is v6.4.rcx in actual Debian
Sid. The Tcl/Tk GUI maximizes to the screen height.

Thank you,

Yann Chemin
Senior Spatial Hydrologist
M +61-4-3740 7019

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