[GRASS-dev] testing on XP/Vista/7

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Sun May 2 00:05:49 EDT 2010

> [*] ... can someone test if 6.4's v.surf.rst works on XP/Vista/7?

we have been running it all semester on XP/Vista/7 without any complaints, 
but I would have to specifically
check who actually ran it with GRASS installed under Program Files. 
The new installer caused numerous problems (most of them were fixed already I guess)
so I am finding that most students
keep grass under C:\GRASS or something similar even after they update
and they also may have access enabled.
Some complaints included r.thin and r.lake and that they needed to define the full
path when reading txt files (e.g. with v.in.ascii or r.colors, or r.recode) from 
msys/home/myname which was not needed before. I have not posted any of this
because I would like to verify whether this is still an issue but my feeling
is that with change of the installation to Program files a more systematic testing is needed
for Windows.
I can ask a student here after the finals are over, mid-May, but we need more testers 
for this - perhaps post to users list?


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