[GRASS-dev] testing on XP/Vista/7 (v.surf.rst)

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Sun May 2 07:53:29 EDT 2010

> > 
>> [*] ... can someone test if 6.4's v.surf.rst works on XP/Vista/7?
>we have been running it all semester on XP/Vista/7 without any complaints, 
>but I would have to specifically
>check who actually ran it with GRASS installed under Program Files. 
tested with the nightly-build  WinGRASS-6.4.SVN-r42075-1-Setup.exe 
(installed in c:\Program Files\ in WinVista32) and the example from the manual:

Spearfish example (we simulate randomly distributed elevation measures):

g.region rast=elevation.10m -p
# random elevation extraction
r.random elevation.10m vector_output=elevrand n=200
v.info -c elevrand
v.db.select elevrand

# interpolation based on all points
v.surf.rst elevrand zcol=value elev=elev_full
r.colors elev_full rast=elevation.10m
d.rast elev_full
d.vect elevrand

# interpolation based on subset of points (only those over 1300m/asl)
v.surf.rst elevrand zcol=value elev=elev_partial where="value > 1300"
r.colors elev_partial rast=elevation.10m
d.rast elev_partial
d.vect elevrand where="value > 1300"

v.surf.rst is working.

best regards
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