[GRASS-dev] Re: v.surf.rst

Abhishek Shukla abhishekiiith at gmail.com
Sun May 2 15:12:52 EDT 2010

Hi list,
I want to ask why LU decomposition has been used for matrix solving in RST
library when matrix being solved is symmetric. I am planning to solve it
using Cholesky decomposition.
I want to confirm with grass developers that there is no issue if I solve it
using Cholesky decomposition. My goal is not to change current serial
implementation, I am implementing  (started, at least) v.surf.rst on GPU and
planning to use Cholesky instead of LU as it is expected to show better
performance over LU.

Please someone confirm that it is okay to solve matrix using Cholesky

Abhishek Shukla
Center for Security, Theory And Algorithm Research (CSTAR)
International Institute of Information Technology
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