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Tue May 11 13:47:14 EDT 2010

#1059: wxGUI: No menu option for r.mapcalc
  Reporter:  vesnikos  |       Owner:  martinl        
      Type:  defect    |      Status:  reopened       
  Priority:  major     |   Milestone:  7.0.0          
 Component:  wxGUI     |     Version:  svn-trunk      
Resolution:            |    Keywords:  r.mapcalc wxGUI
  Platform:  Linux     |         Cpu:  x86-32         
Comment (by martinl):

 Replying to [comment:18 mmetz]:
 > > > I was talking about r42182, before this flood of changes came in. My
 diff is against revision 42182, not revision 42210. In r42210, a lot of
 changes have been made to the GUI and the module, some of the changes have
 been changed again...
 > >
 > > Most of the changes are related to the major clean up of
 mcalc_builder.py which is unrelated to this ticket. It was just long-term
 > There were at least 4 commits related to this ticket, these I mean.
 IMHO, the first two were done a bit in a hurry, and I want to ask for some
 more care and testing before committing (nice word in this context),
 granted that some bugs can always slip through.

 "Hurry" is a relative word ;-)

 > > > [snip], that the two different interfaces for r.mapcalc are
 > >
 > > [snip] Anyway to have two items in the menu can be confusing.
 > So is there really a need for two GUI interfaces for r.mapcalc? I'm sure
 it is possible to link r.mapcalc to the Map calculator GUI in the GUI
 command search.

 No, r.mapcalc would searchable even not included in the menu. The owner of
 this ticket requested to add r.mapcalc to the menu. So I did it.

 > From this point of view, even less reason to modify a core module like
 r.mapcalc just for a quick wxGUI fix. OTOH, it's the only GUI in trunk,
 and default for 6.4+ IIRC...

 Sorry, as a main contributor to the wxGUI I have little time for testing.
 Moreover trunk is used for development. Broken r.mapcalc has been fixed
 very soon thanks to Glynn. So where is the problem?

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