[GRASS-dev] diglib test.c fails on 64bit win

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Thu May 13 15:27:38 EDT 2010

Markus Metz wrote:
>In summary, it seems that grass libraries have no access to a 64-bit
>off_t when compiled in MINGW32, also with ./configure

maybe FYI:

"GCC for both x64 & x86 Windows:

 The project's goal is to deliver runtime, headers, and libs for
 developing 64 bit (x64), as well as 32 bit (x86), windows 
applications using gcc-4.4 or newer versions.
The current state: It is already possible to generate 
applications using these headers, libs and runtime together with gcc-4.4 and up


AFAIK the R-project uses MinGW-w64 for their windows-64bit-binaries. and for the the next
R-release there seems to be planned one dual-installer with 32/64bit-binaries.

best regards
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