[GRASS-dev] geotiff to wms

Mohammed Rashad mohammedrashadkm at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 10:28:09 EST 2011

Is there any way to show GRASS GIS raster data as a wms layer
anything like r.out.wms ?
i want to visualize data from GRASS GIS on openlayers. openlayers doesnt
support raster maps. So one solution is to convert geotiff or raster data
to wms layer

if GRASS GIS raster can be converted to WMS. Please let me know how to show
geotiff as WMS Layer

   Mohammed Rashad K M
   M.S. (By Research) student
   Lab for Spatial Informatics
   Department of CSE
   International Institute of Information Technology
   Hyderabad, India
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