[GRASS-dev] GRASS extensions/addons mismatch

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 15 01:12:18 EST 2011

[by the way, I'd love to hear feedback from Mac users about how well
g.extension(.sh) and the wxGUI extension manager performs in the latest

Michael wrote:
> The way that William had it set is
> that the default locations for addons were defined as
> /Library/GRASS/6.4 or /Library/GRASS/6.5 etc. The system
> and/or user /Library folder is the normal place for
> preferences, plugins, and other such files on a Mac. While
> the Mac is Unix at heart, people don't interact with its OS
> and file system in the same way Linux users do. If there are
> things we want to hide from normal users, then using a
> hidden directory is OK. But for addons, it is better to put
> them in a place where users expect to find them. FWIW, it
> would be better if preferences were in /Library too because
> that's where they are for other software.

fwiw, wrt the per-user ~/Library dir in Lion getting hidden, see:

afaik the system-wide /Library is still world visible.


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