[GRASS-dev] compiling in osgeo4w - configure: error: *** Unable to locate zlib library.

Helmut Kudrnovsky hellik at web.de
Sat Feb 12 13:29:49 EST 2011

>On Sat, 12. Feb 2011 at 19:05:31 +0100, Helmut Kudrnovsky wrote:
>> c:/OSGeo4W/include/io.h:41: error: redefinition of typedef 'intptr_t'
>Where is that io.h from?   I don't have one - so it's probably not from

no idea?

the content of io.h is

 * io.h
 * This file has no copyright assigned and is placed in the Public Domain.
 * This file is a part of the mingw-runtime package.
 * No warranty is given; refer to the file DISCLAIMER within the package.
 * System level I/O functions and types.
#ifndef    _IO_H_
#define    _IO_H_

/* All the headers include this file. */
#include <_mingw.h>

/* MSVC's io.h contains the stuff from dir.h, so I will too.
 * NOTE: This also defines off_t, the file offset type, through
 *       an inclusion of sys/types.h */

#include <sys/types.h>    /* To get time_t.  */

 * Attributes of files as returned by _findfirst et al.
#define    _A_NORMAL    0x00000000
#define    _A_RDONLY    0x00000001
#define    _A_HIDDEN    0x00000002
#define    _A_SYSTEM    0x00000004
#define    _A_VOLID    0x00000008
#define    _A_SUBDIR    0x00000010
#define    _A_ARCH        0x00000020

#ifndef RC_INVOKED

#ifdef _WIN64
 typedef __int64 intptr_t;
 typedef int intptr_t;

#ifndef    _FSIZE_T_DEFINED
typedef    unsigned long    _fsize_t;

 * The maximum length of a file name. You should use GetVolumeInformation
 * instead of this constant. But hey, this works.
 * Also defined in stdio.h.
#define    FILENAME_MAX    (260)

 * The following structure is filled in by _findfirst or _findnext when
 * they succeed in finding a match.
struct _finddata_t
 unsigned    attrib;        /* Attributes, see constants above. */
 time_t        time_create;
 time_t        time_access;    /* always midnight local time */
 time_t        time_write;
 _fsize_t    size;
 char        name[FILENAME_MAX];    /* may include spaces. */

struct _finddatai64_t {
 unsigned    attrib;
 time_t      time_create;
 time_t      time_access;
 time_t      time_write;
 __int64     size;
    char        name[FILENAME_MAX];

should I rename it and try again?


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